Chiropractor John Knych D.C.

Chiropractor Vacaville CA John KnychDr. Knych was born and raised in Europe between 1969 and 1988. His parents worked for the American government and served overseas for 34 years. In the doctor’s travels, he saw and experienced many natural health care traditions outside of the Western Medical Model. To better understand the powerful fusion of modern science and natural healing practices, Dr. Knych committed himself to pursuing BOTH.

Dr. Knych studied at The Colorado College, then transferred to The University of California, San Diego to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree. There he met his beautiful wife, Heather, and they moved to the Bay Area to pursue his Chiropractic degree for four years. During these four years, Dr. Knych studied under Dr. Ken Thomas in Pacifica, CA, where he assisted with and observed many ground breaking neurological treatments for serious conditions, from pain management to fibromyalgia, and sports and acute injuries.

Dr. Knych received advanced training in Whiplash and Industrial injury management during his Doctoral Studies in Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West.

After graduating, Dr. Knych decided to move near Davis so his wife could pursue her dream of becoming a Veterinarian. That is when he found Vacaville!

Dr. Knych has been practicing in his current office since June 2001. If you are already one of his clients, you know and feel the passion Dr. Knych has in serving his clients with all natural, safe and highly effective cutting edge treatments.


  • How did you arrive at running this business? What path brought you here?

As a child, I saw my mother suffering from a severe form of Arthritis (Rheumatoid) and it was only after she received spinal, Herbal, and medical care – all in conjunction- that her condition transformed and settled down. In addition, in junior-high I found out I had two fractured vertebra in my own spine, and it always bothered me until found out what was wrong and how to safely manage the problem.

  • What are you known for professionally? What do you have a knack for?

I have the best diagnostic and educational materials for self management, so patient’s can regain control of their health.

I am often asked, “Why didn’t my other Doctors ever show me this? I should have been told this a long time ago, I’m so glad you explained what is wrong with me.”

In addition, I am known for giving careful consideration to all the factors that lead to the current crisis, and the best stratagy to rectifying the situation before it gets worse.

We also have the best trained staff, who can often assist the patients in identifying the source of their own pain and assist the doctor in focusing resources exactly where the patient needs it.

We are best at summarizing the most important facts, to get moving in the right direction, right now.

  • What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients? What do your ideal clients say about you?

We are best at reducing the tissue damage associated with long term or acute injuries associated with joint dysfunction. We are able to reduce the suffering of our clients, and we meet them where they are at, when they need it..

We help individuals recover naturally, often avoiding injection, surgeries and other invasive procedures, often leading the family member toward a more complete sense of recovery.

We begin with really listening to the patient’s problem, exploring it’s cause, removing the disturbance, and rehabilitating the injury at the source.

  • Who have you worked with in the past? And what have you done for them?

We work with people who just got injured, like in a car accident in Vacaville or Solano County, and those who have overdone something and are experiencing chronic unresolved – even worsening problems.

Many of our clients show up with shoulder pain from working out or work injuries. We have many chronic headache sufferers, mid back pain and lower back pain sufferers. We help people with bulged discs, scoliosis, herniated discs and muscle pain.

Many of our clients workout at CrossFit, Gold’s Gym or InShape, because these activities can cause injuries, but everyone wants to workout without injury.

Some of our favorite clients include: Fedral Employees, Self Employed, Vacaville and Fairfield Chamber of Commerce members, Kaiser Employees, City of Vacaville Employees, Solano County’s Best Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Kaiser Doctors, Personal Injury Attorneys who refer injured patients for rehabilitation, Facebook Fans, people who like to read Yelp Reviews, Medicare Clients, patients who need to finance their health care so they can return to work. We also experienced in difficult spinal conditions or problems with the nervous system, such as Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Thyroid Problems, and Arthritis. We take a multidisciplinary / approach which often yealds results never seen by individuals when they try to ‘peace meal their healthcare together.” Examples of what I am talking about walk into the clinic every day, for a free consultation or discussion with the doctor and staff. We start by gathering all the information about the personal injuries the patient is reporting, and exloring all the strategies they have already tried (and sometimes have failed) before they came to us. We look into all the drugs they take, all the daily activities that make it worse, what makes if feel better, we will talk to their medical providers, or request whatever MRI’s they have.

We often receive medical reports from Vacaville Imaging, and NorthBay Healthcare. Kaiser sends us many studies which are inconclusive, but help us diagnose hidden injuries, save us time and money.

  • What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?

I am most interested in helping the patient’s feel relief from their pain and suffering by using integrated techniques. I lived in Europe for 18 years, and know that the best strategies for pain relief are often available to only a select few, who seek them out for themselves. Those who follow the heard are left frustrated and still in pain. Those who seek care, are braver and often yield the best results because they are willing to follow throug and take personal responsibility for their OWN HEALTH. That is what I always found interesting, and what I will always seek to help people with. HOW are they going to heal themselves, not just take a medication for the rest of their lives.

I spent years studying medical strategies around the world. In San Diego I worked at a hospital in the Operating Room while I worked my way through school. During that time, I also volunteered at an Acupunctutre School in their student Clinic, while the Doctors of Oriental Medicine did rounds and taught their students.

Additionally I worked at the San Diego Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA) assisting the Doctors in doing Back Pain Research. WHAT WE LEARNED WAS DISTURBING AND FASCINATING!

We have the best options available right here in DownTown Vacaville, but who would know, if all you do is go to your insurance company for answers. They are interested in containing their costs, more than providing all the different services you would really need to be healthy. Have you been told, there is nothing wrong? Your getting older? Are you satisfied with the care you have received to date?

  • What are you passionate about personally? What do you really enjoy? What can’t you stop talking about?

I like to travel. I like advancements in Science and human adaptability. My wife is a Veterinarian at the University of California, Davis school of Vet Med. She is an Equine (Horse Doctor) Practitioner who teaches Pharmacology to the Graduate students and Vet Students. We often travel internationally so she can lecture about how animals metabolize drugs and if current therapies are dangerous or effective. So we discuss drugs a lot, and because she experienced reducing Race Horse injuries, we meet and talk to many chiropractors in the field of ligament and joint injuries. Doctors who author books on Anesthesia, joint disorders, cartilage repair, Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucocorticoids, Steroids, NSAIDS, joint surgery, injections, as well as ligament and knee tears, muscle recovery, doping, cheating and death due to over management of common sports injuries.

  • Where can we find you when you’re not working? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

We have fiends all over the world. Because of our travels, the fact that I grew up abroad, and the interconnectedness of the healing profession- we can go almost anywhere and find someone who will love to share their passion of working ON People with different healing techniques, or people who Love Animals.

We love holistic approaches, my wife is fascinated how drugs work, and how different Animals Work, were-as I’m fascinated about HOW PEOPLE WORK, and how people can help restore or increase their health and wellness, or be helped restore to full vitality, reduce suffering and RELAX.

We love to go to Hawaii with my In-Laws, Visit my Dad and Mom on the Golf Courses of Tucson Arizona, Hang out in Sunny San Diego with my sister and her husband, talk to my Mom about her writing a book about living in Europe during the Cold War, and New York City when she was younger and getting articles published in the New Yorker Magazine.

  • How long have you been doing what you do?

In 1990 I left my small private college in Colorado to study and pursue my Goals in San Diego California.

In the winter of 1988 I remember having a speaker come to my dorm and talk to my “hall mates” about our goals. I wrote down that I wanted to study effective holistic approaches to healing, because that is what helped my mom when I was growing up. I immediately did an anthropology / school research project on just that subject with a classmate, where we traveled all over Colorado Springs interviewing Biofeedback therapists, Acupuncturists, Native American Nurses in private practice, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Religious Leaders and Physical therapists.

After discovering how many different kinds of careers there were, I decided I needed to focus more on this career choice and I moved to San Diego where I could go to the University of California, and study as many subjects at what ever speed I wanted until I had enough experience to provide the kinds of services I valued the most. That is what lead me to working at a hospital for 6 years, helping nurses, doctors and patients who needed surgery. that is when I did back pain research, volunteered at the acupuncture clinic, and did my prerequisites for Chiropractic college. That is also where I met the love of my life Heather. She was a Biochemistry Major, and I had just graduated so I waited around for her to graduate before starting Chiropractic College at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward.

  • Where did you grow up and why aren’t you there now?

I grew up in Wurzburg, Germany because my parents worked for the American Government oversees for 34 years, and it was amazing. I live in California now because I always wanted to live in America when I was growing up near the military base. So when I came back to the USA for college and met the All-American beautiful cowgirl of my dreams, I had no where better to go.

Heather is the Beautiful CowGirl I always dreamed of when I was oversees and watching GunSmoke, the Lone Ranger and all the other westerns from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The only thing she still needs is a gun.

  • Any volunteer activities you’re crazy about?

I love going out into public and answering peoples questions about their health.

I consider it volunteering because, who in the world chooses to go out into public and talk to people about their pain and suffering- if they don’t really care about the people who they talk to?

Many people still don’t understand their health, their spines, muscles, ligaments, discs and nervous system even half as much as they understand their teeth or car maintenance. That is unfortunate and needs to change.

  • Any nonprofits you love, & why?

I am a member of the International Order of Odd Fellows (Vacaville Lodge #83) which is dedicated to serving the orphan’s, widow, and unclaimed dead. I know we are part of something bigger and like to know I can be called on to do more for those who really need it. I also feel strongly about serving the Veterans of The United States of America who serve our nation oversees.

  • Any awards or medals, or even medallions? Personal okay, too.

I was selected as “Chiropractor of the Year by our national training program, “DC Trainings” which stands for Doctor of Chiropractic Trainings. It was a great privilege because I always feel the doctors in this group are so dedicated and experienced in serving their patients with cutting edge techniques, technology, and education. To be just the second Chiropractor given this award, was very humbling. I participate weekly to learn and help my staff provide the best service. It just goes to show you never know how much your contributing, when your focus is on serving others.

  • What would be impossible for you to give up?

I would never give up being a Chiropractor or holistic health care provider who takes the Whole of the Person into account. I have always told my wife, if we lost everything, including one of my arms and one of my legs, I would just want half of our Garage, for my x-ray machine, an adjusting bench and I would practice as the “one armed one legged chiropractor in the half garage”.

  • Why would someone not want to work with you?

I don’t care what your insurance is. We accept many insurances and do that for your convenience, benefit and entitlement BUT if you want the insurance to tell you what you need… call them but don’t ask me. We have different concerns and I don’ t think the government or Kaiser policies (which are outsourced to a third party) are able to recommend what is best FOR YOU. If you think corporations are people or you want your healthcare dictated to you by a third party- then you don’t even have your own best interests in mind, and I don’t have a lot to say to someone who can not advocate for themselves or take personal responsibility.

  • How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the one neighbor you could go to with your physical concerns and have a place to be heard and helped in your time of need.

  • Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?

I have nothing better to do, then serve you right now.

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